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St. Maarten Academy Christmas Show 2013


Academy Showcases Talent at Christmas Show

~ School Board Gives Free Lunch to All ~

CUL DE SAC – St. Maarten Academy’s academic campus was a hub of Christmas spirit Friday afternoon (December 13, 2013), as students and teachers alike showcased their talent in singing, modeling, dancing and poetry.

The day kicked off with Principal Shareed Hussain announcing that as part of giving back, the school will provide all students with free lunch, which made many students happy. According to first former, Dawud Chapman, “The food was very delicious. They [Interact] also had chocolate cake, vanilla cake, cupcakes, croissants, and cookies.” He said many of the students to whom he spoke described the gesture by the school as “doing something to improve the fame and fortune of our school.”

Mr. Hussain told the student body that they deserved the treat for working assiduously during Term 1. This year’s show was particularly special, since the school’s Student Care Department decided to incorporate cultural presentations as part of the Guidance grade for first form students. Students were given the option of participating as a performer or an organizer at any one of the many shows hosted at the school during the course of the academic year.

As such, Masters of Ceremony Alipha Tatem and Philana Thomas, under the guidance of their homeroom teacher, Mr. Olatunde Dalrymple, led a well-organised programme. They were assisted by other first form Stage Managers, Jian Ling Nie and Shadira Jermin. Other first form students worked behind the scenes by assisting the school’s Student Government Association with the planning.

Fifth form student, Alin Urighre, kicked off the celebrations with the poem, ’Twas a Night Before Christmas’, followed by Ika St. Pierre and Jahvaughny Ayee performing Band Aid’s ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’. Head of the Expressive Arts Department, Dennis Tjon, too, wowed the audience with a medley of songs done on the piano with St. Dominic High student, Atul Pereppadan.

Tjon was not the only teacher to hit the stage. Two of the school’s English teachers, Sharon Layne and Doreen Edwards, accompanied by Social Studies teacher Anansa Payne, harmonized beautifully with the reggae version of ‘Santa Claus (do you ever come to the ghetto?)’.

More talent emerged with the York cousins, Cherrianne Dangleben-York, Jabari York, and Edwin Derweer, on the steel pan. The versatile Snatra Bauld did not disappoint with her soulful rendition of ‘Oh Holy Night’, and her mimed dance to ‘Bleed for Love’.

Over the years, St. Maarten Academy has been known for having very talented students, and according to Vice Principal Tallulah Baly-Vanterpool, Friday’s programme allowed for the opportunity to groom new talent. This was underscored with an original rap, ‘Christmas’, by first former, Serge Huggins, whose personality shone through as he led the student body through the chorus.

Potential was also recognized in the singing group, Santa Babies, which included Ryana Anthony, Emyka Pinthiere, Chadalina Edwards and Kishanna Hodge, performing their name-sake song. Other performances included ‘Mistletoe’ by Daynyeal Trim, Jamella Williams, Philana Thomas, Shanika Blagrove, and Sandira Anglin; ‘Silent Night’ by Jasmin Leblanc; ‘This Christmas’ done by Anisha Durand, and a medley by Supral Jadz (Jacinth Hunkins, Denise Andrew, Ashana Bontiff, and Suze Cobyte).

As was expected, upcoming soprano, Vincia Nelson blew the audience away with her rendition of ‘All I want for Christmas is You’. One student commented that “her voice was that of an angel.”

Dawud Chapman, too, stepped up to the plate with a Christmas poem; while Esther Dede and Naomi Warsop, performed individual dances to ‘Jesus, Born on This Day’ and ‘Set it on Fire’, respectively. But the two modeling segments with clothing sponsored by clothing store, House of Seduction, rocked the house with exquisite fashion. The groups – one comprising of first formers (Eight Days of Christmas) and the second, of upper school students (Santa’s Helpers) – got standing ovation.

The Christmas show was the last production of the outgoing student council and its president Learie Hall.

Photo captions:

Esther Dede - signing 2

Esther Dede

Esther Dede - signing 4

Esther Dede – signing

Snatra Bauld - singing

Snatra Bauld – singing

Xmas - The Yorks

Xmas – The Yorks

Esther Dede - signing Model 1 Model 2 Xmas - Vincia Nelson Chantale Hughes

What makes my destination different from others

By Jacinth Hunkins

FCCA First Place Winner (St. Maarten); Second Place (Regional)

Junior Division

Are you in need of a relaxing, enjoyable and satisfying vacation, but don’t know where to go? Well, I know the destination that you are dreaming of. It has beautiful sandy beaches, breathtaking views, shopping unlimited, many attractive restaurants, and lots of superb hotels, just to name a few! It is a very small island in the Eastern Caribbean, but big things come in small packages. This ideal place is none other than the ‘Friendly Island’, St. Maarten/St. Martin. My destination stands out from other places because there is none to be compared to this treasure of the Caribbean which makes us unique to other islands.

St. Maarten/St. Martin is thirty-seven square miles, and I guarantee you that once you take one trip to this beautiful island you would definitely want to return. This tremendous island is shared between the French side with twenty-one square miles, and the Dutch side with sixteen square miles. There are a number of languages spoken such as, English, French and Dutch, to name a few. There are lots more to this island, like fun activities, such as, sightseeing our historical sites, jumping up in our annual Carnival, and going to the movies and casinos to enjoy a night out. There are many nationalities, cultures, and religions, too.

Most people, when they go on vacation, look forward to going to a beach; but here in St. Maarten, it isn’t just a beach, it is paradise and fun in the sun! The blue, crystal waters, with eye-catching waves, are just the beginning of the temptation of taking a swim in our waters. There you will find sociable people and make new friends while you’re having a blast on the beach! Don’t worry about finding a beach, because there is a beach located on every square mile – hence, we have 37 – and each has its own unique feature. Now tell me, which destination offers such a treat…nowhere else, but St. Maarten/St. Martin!

Dining out is another reason to visit my beautiful island. It can be formal or casual to suit your mood. Sample and indulge in our spectacular Creole, Italian, Jamaican and other Caribbean cuisine and experience lots more when you visit our lovely shores. The warm greetings of the professional and hospitable staff at our hotels make you feel right at home. When you arrive at the Princess Juliana International Airport, check out the Plantation Grill & Bar Restaurant for incredibly tasty dishes. Then venture from there in one of our safe taxi services to other restaurants – both on the Dutch and French sides.

Our spacious, air-conditioned hotel rooms are nicely furnished and offer room service, too. At our hotels, we have restaurants and bars, Spas and shopping facilities, lots of guest activities and swimming pools. All our hotels provide live entertainment and offer island tours at an affordable price. They are fully secured and well-protected by our dependable security companies. View our island over the internet along with our historic sites and tourist attractions. To secure your booking make your reservation online early. All our hotels accept credit cards.

In St. Maarten/St. Martin it’s shopping unlimited. Visit Front Street and Back Street, Philipsburg, St. Maarten; and Grand Case, St. Martin. There are affordable stores galore with memorable knick-knacks that you can take back for family and friends, or just for your personal treasure. Choose from fashion clothing, electronics, furniture, jewelry, perfume, lingerie and shoe stores. Just imagine there are over 500 stores to choose from! You will absolutely enjoy buying gifts and souvenirs for your family and friends to show off our friendly island.

Come, experience and be astonished by the amazing views that this natural masterpiece has to offer. Sceneries such as, Butterfly Farm, Lotterie Farm and Bamboo Bernie’s in Maho are the places made just for you. We have fun activities to keep you fit, such as horseback riding – both on the land and in the sea, hiking, tennis, go cart and more. Plus there are thirteen large, attractive casinos on the island if that’s your thing.

Want to begin that special day of your life with the one you love? Do it nowhere else but on St. Maarten/St. Martin. Only one day you need on this island to get married, then you can enjoy our luxurious honeymoon packages. Are you still asking what makes my destination different from others?

St. Maarten/ St. Martin is a surprise package of multi-nationalities, cultures, religions, white sandy beaches, superb hotels, unlimited shopping, historical sites, tourist attractions, local live entertainment all combined on one small island. Accept it, unwrap it, enjoy it! Come to St. Maarten/St. Martin and receive this gift! It’s all yours! We look forward to seeing you on St. Maarten/St. Martin to say, “Welcome! Bienvenue! Welkom!”



What Makes My Destination Different from Others

By Jenice Forbes

First Place Winner (St. Maarten) Senior Category

Every holiday, people all around the world pack their luggage and look for the best island or country to spend their time in, that is, if they have that alternative. They might look at the Caribbean as an option and then weigh out the different advantages in each destination. St. Maarten can be one of those islands on their lists, but why should they choose it over the others? It does share similar interests with other Caribbean islands. As much as that is true, St. Maarten in fact has its own touches of uniqueness.

One of those uniqueness is its myriad nationalities that are one hundred plus. One can find piece of the world and the Caribbean in the island itself because of the diverse cultures that bring their own styles and customs. This diversity can serve as a channel of interaction by allowing people to share their knowledge with others on their cultural backgrounds, be it religion, food or even music.

Speaking of food, St. Maarten has a culinary capital of the Caribbean, with dishes ranging on a large scale from other islands. So not only is one enjoying the local sustenance, but the exotic ones as well. The food is not the only wonderful asset of the island, but the night life and the daily excursions that are equally as great. St. Maarten is also renowned for its lively entertainments and celebrations.

Like other Caribbean islands, St. Maarten has different celebrations, one being in the carnival seasons. Many visitors love to head our way to jump in our parades, which are a colourful delight and days of celebration. Another celebration that St. Maarten is famous for is its annual Regatta that is in fact an explosion itself. People all around the world participate in the event that is always striking to the eyes. The sight of the sailboats, catamarans, and other vessels carousing around the coastline is a paradox of tranquility and exhilaration.

Again, the island St. Maarten has its spectacular attributes. To add to the list, St. Maarten boasts two territories – Dutch and French, although it is home to more than 100 others. This indeed is another touch of the island’s illustriousness because it gives one the feeling of being at two different places simultaneously. The many sections of the island are one in a million and so are the admirable, clean beaches. There are exactly thirty-seven beaches on the island, one in every square mile. How many islands can state the same fact? In addition to that, one does not have to drive a long distance in order to arrive to the cool and inviting beaches.

St. Maarten has more than just beaches to its nature. The Emilio Wilson Park is also a part of that nature, with its greenery and fresh scents of newly cut grass. This park is said to be the island’s greatest monument and historical site. Tourists find this place attractive, before and after being enlightened by its history. The island’s forts are also historical sites that shed light on the islands’ history and are practically teaching institutes per se.

St. Maarten is a luxurious island in comparison to others, one factor being its cost of goods. Many foreigners have come from abroad just to shop duty- free, and people can make as many purchases as they please. Prices for airline tickets to neighboring islands are relatively low, and if that is not enough, one can always travel by boat because of the proximity between St. Maarten and other islands.

St. Maarten is one of the top tourist destinations and boasts friendliness unlike anywhere else. Everyone loves to be loved and welcomed once in a foreign place. St. Maarten showcases just about that and is noted for its island’s brand “The Friendly Island”. One can most assuredly feel the warm embrace when on the island because of the ever humane faces and affectionate gestures.

St. Maarten has many attributes that other Caribbean islands do not possess. There is the extravagant number of diverse nationalities, the exotic foods that leave indelible tastes on one’s tongue, the clean beaches, the serenity in the atmosphere, the duty free-tax and the night life enjoyments. St. Maarten is geographically a small island, but it holds a lot more than any other Caribbean island and these are all the things that make my destination different from others.

First Form Team Building 2013

Red TeamBlue TeamWhite TeamPurple Team

The St. Maarten Academy Student Government Association (SGA) was established in 2007 after one student attended the first meeting of the United Student Government Front. Since then, the organisation has grown in strength and influence in the school doing great things as students advocate for each other.

The body consists of a board and members. On the board, there is a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer, Secretary and Assistant Secretary, and Public Relations Officer and Assistant Public Relations Officer. The SGA also has a teacher coordinator and falls under the school’s Student Care Department.

For the first time in November 2011, the students were able to elect a board. In the prior years, the board of the SGA comprised of volunteers.